11 Manhwa Similar To Mercenary Enrollment To Read (2021)

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Mercenary enrollment gives all the high as MC is overpowering the enemy after all he is a “Just A Normal High Schooler” and who single-handed beats up gangs.

“Mercenary Enrollment”

Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash and is deserted in an unknown place where he is forced to stay alive as a mercenary.

He returns to Korea after 10 years and reunites with his grandfather and sister and becomes a high schooler. Soon he gets tangled in trouble in school with bullies and local gangs to fight them he uses his tactics as a mercenary.

The MC in this manhwa is quite overpowered from the rest. The military scene and gunshots are an added gem to this manhwa.

Teenage Mercenary is written by YC and art by Rakyeon

While this manhwa has a few chapters which can be completed within a day and if you are waiting for a new chapter which is quite tiresome then here are 11 Manhwa/Webtoons which will give the same highs as mercenary enrollment.

Manhwa Similar/Like Mercenary Enrolled

“Manhwa Similar/Like Mercenary Enrollment”

11. Get Schooled

“Get Schooled”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Manhwa, School Life
  • Author:Chae Yong Taek
  • Artist:Chae Yong Taek
  • Chapters:55+
  • Status:Ongoing

When the bullies don’t listen even after severe punishment there is one man who can turn the tables, Hwajin Na’s a teacher by profession whose teaching techniques are known to be violent.


Hwajin Na dealing with the bullies is like seeing Ijin Yu in a teacher role both MC’s are overpowered from the start and the high school setup is quite like the manhwa Mercenary Enrollment.

10. Boss In School

“Boss In School”
  • Genre:Action, School Life
  • Author:LEE Hoon Young
  • Artist:KIM Ui-Gwon
  • Chapters:118+
  • Status:Ongoing

Seth Kwon is a natural-born fighter who stops fighting due to a promise made to his mother but everything changes after his father died.


The protagonists are similar to each other as both try to avoid fights but much to their demise they get into one and character developments and Fights are similar to the webtoon mercenary enrollment.

9. Study Group

“Study Group”
  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Shounen
  • Author:Hyungwook Shin
  • Artist:Seungyeon Ryu
  • Chapters:134+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Gamin Yoon a high schooler whose only goal is to get into “Yusung Technical High School” which is nicknamed as a school for criminals.


The characters and storyline are quite like mercenary enrollment though the storyline may differ this manhwa will bring the same highs as mercenary enrollment.

8.The Beginning After The End (TBATE)

“The Beginning After The End”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • Author:Fuyuki23,TurtleMe
  • Artist:Fuyuki23,TurtleMe
  • Chapters:125+
  • Status:Ongoing

King Grey is reincarnated into a world filled with magic. An unrivaled king is now a baby with a family to protect and memories intact from his past life.


Both protagonists go above and beyond to protect their families and MCs are Op with skilled knowledge of war and if you looking manhwa like mercenary enrollment then this is a must-read.

7. Second Life Of A Gangster

“Second Life Of A Gangster”
  • Genre:Action, Fantasy, Psychological, School Life,
  • Author:SaYeol
  • Artist:Yerang
  • Chapters:94+
  • Status:Ongoing

Oh Joong Seok did all kinds of miserable works to gain the highest position in the organization but as soon as he realizes his misdeeds he is at the end of his life.

To correct the mistakes of his past he begins living a second life which is living an honorable life.


Oh Joong Seok Resembles with Ijin Yu as both are trying to redeem their past and trying become better people in the society which is similar to mercenary enrollment manhwa.

6. Castle

  • Genre:Action, Drama
  • Author:JEONG Yeon
  • Artist:JEONG Yeon
  • Chapters:57+
  • Status:Ongoing

The manhwa follows skilled killer Kim Shin who returned to Korea to uneven the stronghold known as “Castle” in the order to fulfill his mentor’s last will.


The protagonist is a replica of Ijin Yu as both MCs are skilled killers and Op as hell. Both Manhwa’s art styles, fight, and dark-themed plot resembles each other. This is a must-read manhwa like mercenary enrollment.

5. Rooftop Sword Master

“Rooftop Sword Master”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Shounen
  • Author:Kim Ui Kwon
  • Artist:Kim Ui Gwon
  • Chapters:90
  • Status:Ongoing

Neung Kwan is a middle schooler who is often bullied. After getting beaten by 8 of his classmates he went into a coma for nine months.

Soon after waking up, he finds out that his father died while seeking justice for him. Blaming himself for being weak and seeking revenge then suddenly a gigantic sword arrives at his doorstep.


The Mc in this manhwa is overpowered which resembles Ijin Yu as both of them started as weak and worked their way up to the top and the only difference is rooftop swordmaster is a fantasy type.

4. Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Manhwa
  • Author:Chugong 추공
  • Artist:Jang Sung-Rak (REDICE Studio)
  • Chapters:170+
  • Status:Ongoing

The manhwa follows Sung Jin-Woo the weakest E rank Hunter. One day he finds himself in a dual dungeon and even the strongest member’s of his team are killed but Sung Jin-Woo survives this dungeon and acquires a set of new skills which allows him to level up.


Even though solo leveling is fantasy-themed it is quite similar to mercenary enrollment as both MCs are extremely OP and kind, humble to their family like Jin Woo trying to protect his family is like seeing Ijin Yu in fantasy manhwa.

3. Noblesse

  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama, manhwa, Mystery, School Life
  • Author:Lee Gwang-Su,Son Jae-Ho
  • Artist:Lee Gwang-Su,Son Jae-Ho
  • Chapters:545+
  • Status:Ongoing

After 820 years of long sleep Rai has woken up and started living as a normal high school student which was soon interrupted by mysterious attackers known as Unions.


Rai the protagonist of noblesse has to protect the people he loves which is similar to Ijin Yu who’s protecting his family and both manhwas are high schooled themed manhwa with Op Mc. If you hunt for finding we toon similar to mercenary enrollment then Noblesse is a must-read.

2. Weak Hero

“Weak Hero”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, School Life, Shounen
  • Author:SEOPASS
  • Artist:SEOPASS
  • Chapters:160+
  • Status:Ongoing

Gray is the mysterious new student who threatens to destroy the system of bullying in school despite his weak appearance he is a skilled fighter who leaves his opponents begging for mercy.


Both manhwa’s protagonists are well versed in combat and have their advantages against bullies. Weak Hero manhwa starts differently from mercenary enrollment but as you continue to read you can feel dark-themed and art styles are quite alike. If you are looking for manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment then this is a must-read.

1. The God Of Blackfield

“The God Of Blackfield”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Manhwa, Martial Arts, Military
  • Author:Mu Jang (무장)
  • Artist:Sin-in Seong (신인성)
  • Chapters:98+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Kang Chan who is called “God Of Blackfield” as he is feared by his enemies during a mission to kill Masallan, Kang Chan is shot from behind and killed while awaiting his death he saw his teammates getting killed.

Kang Chan is saved by a mysterious power where he woke after 3 years in South Korea with the body of a teenager.


Both Mc’s are skilled mercenaries, they fight against bullies, students, and even they special names “God Of Blackfield” and “001”.If you are looking for manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment then this manhwa is highly recommended.


The titles mentioned above are highly recommended if you finished the latest chapter of mercenary enrollment as most of them have OP Mc’s or Includes mc dealing with bullies in high school.

Do you know more Manhwa/Manhua like Mercenary Enrollment? or share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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