11 Manhwa Similar To Lost In Translation To Read Now!

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Manhwa has all kinds of genres but the Dramagenre is often overlooked. It is safe to say that lost in translation is at the pinnacle in Drama/Slice Of Genre.

“Lost In Translation”

Mayhem is an upcoming K-pop group that is on a constant rise in popularity but their fame doesn’t come for free. Whyld a member of the group is forced to take a bad persona to in order keep the momentum going. Scandals and conspiracies take place will he lose his identity? Or become the false persona?

Lost In Translation is written and art by Jjolee

Lost in translation brings gives readers many life lessons in a unique way. If you are looking for Manhwas/Webtoons similar to Lost In Translation then the below manhwa will end your quest.

Manhwa Similar/Like Lost In Translation

“Manhwa Similar/Like Lost In Translation”

11. Long Long Ago

“Long Long Ago”
  • Genre:Drama
  • Author:Dark Box,Wenpai,Fst
  • Artist:Dark Box,Wenpai,Fst
  • Chapters:28
  • Status:Completed

Long long ago the world was trying to find ways to teach us new stories about everything that is beautiful miracles, mysteries, and beyond.


You can feel the vibes from lost in translation through this manhwa. The stories may be different but the basic essence is the same.

10. Four Of Them

“Four Of Them”
  • Genre:Drama
  • Author:Mai Hirschfield
  • Artist:Mai Hirschfield
  • Chapters:105
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows four friends Johnny, Mariel, Gaby, and Martina who go through the teenage years together.


Four of them manhwa is similar to lost in translation as both webtoons deals with scarier aspects and bad phases of one life.

9. Sweet Home

“Sweet Home”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
  • Author:Carnby Kim
  • Artist:Hwang Youngchan
  • Chapters:141+
  • Status:Ongoing

Due to a family tragedy, a teenager is forced to leave home where he is left to face the scary world with monsters where he must survive.


Though this manhwa is fantasy-based the basic plot is quite similar to lost in translation where both MCs are left to face a scary world that is unknown to them.

8. True Beauty

“True Beauty”
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Webtoon
  • Author:Yaongyi
  • Artist:Yaongyi
  • Chapters:167+
  • Status:Ongoing

A shy girl who is a horror comic fan and hates her appearance but after binge-watching make-up videos, online her life completely begins to change.


True beauty manhwa has a lot deeper stuff as compared to lost in translation concerning the beauty aspects. This manhwa also resides in a high school where students are confused about picking a profession and the manhwa also picks up K-pop aspects from one of its main characters as a subplot.

7. Refund High School

“Refund High School”
  • Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
  • Author:Croissant
  • Artist:Croissant
  • Chapters:134
  • Status:Completed

A fatal accident causes Aru’s dream of becoming an idol to shatter upon her death she was given a chance to attend refund high school in the underworld where karma points are needed to lead her way of life


Both the Mc’s dream to become an idol but tragedy eventually happens to them in separate ways. They have no choice but to face their current situation and overcome it. Both manhwas teach the idea of finding one’s true self. If you are on a hunt to find webtoon similar to lost in translation then this manhwa is highly recommend.

6. The Real You

“The Real You”
  • Genre:Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life
  • Author:Cibeles
  • Artist:Cibeles
  • Chapters:47
  • Status:Completed

This manhwa follows college students as they find themselves and other people’s true nature as they face the world filled with grievance and fakeness.


This manhwa shows us the journey of self-discovery and the difference between persona and identity which is quite similar to lost in translation.

5. American Road Trip

“American Road Trip”
  • Genre:Drama
  • Author:Patrick Flores-Scott
  • Artist:Little Corvus
  • Chapters:50
  • Status:Completed

Teodoro T Avila realizes there is a life before video games when he meets the girl of his dreams. Manny is T’s brother who went to serve Iraq and returns in miserable condition. Now T’s life now miserable as he is unable to impress the girl of his dreams and denial of his brother’s condition then Xochitl directs a road trip to ease the worries.


Both manhwas basic plot is the journey of self-discovery and seeing one’s true by overcoming the current situation. If you looking for a webtoon that is lost in translation then this webtoon is highly recommended.

4. So I Married An Anti Fan

“So I Married The Anti Fan”
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, Manhua, Romance
  • Author:Jaerim
  • Artist:Jaerim
  • Chapters:67+
  • Status:Ongoing

Geun-Young Lee works as a reporter for the magazine barely making any money. Geun Young Lee once at a club meets Joon Hoo a K-pop star who is adored by many women and he is dumping a heartbroken girl and Young Lee snaps it and publishes the article for the magazine hoping for success but backfires at her as she is fired from the magazine now her life mission is to bring Joon Hoo down at all costs.


So i married an anti-fan similar to lost in translation as both manhwa deal with the K-pop industry and false persona projected by the media.

3. Lookism

  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama, Manhwa, School Life Supernatural
  • Author:Taejun Park
  • Artist:Taejun Park
  • Chapters:360+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Daniel who feels uncomfortable as he is unattractive. One day Daniel wakes up in a different body and now is handsome tall and confident about himself Daniel now wants to achieve everything that he couldn’t in his past body.


This manhwa is like lost in translation in many ways as both protagonists try to project themselves as other personality. In lookism, it is the body whereas in lost in translation it the state of mind.

2. Voix

  • Genre:Drama
  • Author:N.O, M, Al.x
  • Artist:N.O, M, Al.x
  • Chapters:22
  • Status:Completed

The story is set in the city of Myra. ge where there is the place for everyone even for Kim Nam Joon until he changes from salaryman to terrorist and finds out even peace has a price set.


Voix is loosely based on alter egos of the K-pop boy band BTS. This manhwa also deals with a self-discovery plot which is similar to lost in translation.

1. Save Me

“Save Me”
  • Genre:Drama,School Life
  • Author:Big Hit Entertainment
  • Artist:Big Hit Entertainment
  • Chapters:63
  • Status:Completed

The fates of seven boys are entangled with each other with good times and also bad times. When all hope is lost for everyone one gets a chance to go back in time and fix their mistakes.


Lost in translation is loosely based on K-pop idols. It fictionalizes the K-pop group “BTS” and a fun fact the title of this manhwa is also an adaptation of BTS Music video. If you are looking for manhwa similar to lost in translation this is highly recommended as you can feel the same vibes.


These were some of the manhwas we recommend that will give you the same sensations as lost in translation.

What are your thoughts on this list? or Do you have more manhwa that is similar to lost in translation? then do let us know in the comment section below.

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