10 Manhwa Similar To Legend Of The Northern Blade! (2021)

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Did you finish the reading latest chapter of legend of the northern blade? and tired of waiting for a new chapter to release don’t you worry cause we got you covered.

“Legend Of The Northern Blade”

The Murim world is saved from Silent Night by Northern Heavenly Sect. As the sect grew in power many people began to conspire against the sect leader Jin Kwan Ho which ultimately lead to his death leaving his son behind.

Jin Mu Won has never learned martial arts from his father but finds and learns secret techniques left behind his late father in Northern Heavenly Sect.

This manhwa is written by Hae Min and art by Woogack.

While this manhwa has been running for 2+years with 110+ chapters the fans of this manhwa keep wanting more. If you are looking for manhwa similar/like legend of the northern blade then you have come to the right place.

Manhwa Similar/Like Legend Of The Northern Blade

“Manhwa Similar/Like To Legend Of The Northern Blade”

10. The Sword Of Glory

“The Sword Of Glory”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Historical, Manhua Psychological, Tragedy
  • Author:Dogado
  • Artist:Haneulso
  • Chapters:96+
  • Status:Ongoing

In a world where powerful warriors are rulers as they decide life and death. A lone boy sets on a journey to find his father in midst of the battlefield where blood is sure to be spilled.


Both the MCs lost their loved ones. They both want to become the strongest and are looking for something in case of Jin Woo is revenge and in the sword of glory manhwa is his father as this Manhwa/Manhua basic plot is quite similar to legend of the northern blade.

9. Volcanic Age

“Volcanic Age”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhwa, Martial Arts, Reincarnation,
  • Author:Jeong Jun
  • Artist:Tomassi
  • Chapters:Ongoing
  • Status:189+

Joo Seo Cheon is the sole survivor of the age of war when he lies on his death bed he is mysteriously transported back to the past.


Volcanic age manhwa story may differ from legend of the northern blade the art style, battles, and character development will surely remind of Jin Woo From Legend Of The Northern Blade.

8. Gosu

  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Author:RYU Ki-Woon
  • Artist:MOON Jung-Hoo
  • Chapters:233
  • Status:Completed

Gang Yang makes his life’s mission to avenge those who wronged his only mentor.


Gang Yang’s character is quite similar to Jin Mu Won of legend of the northern blade as both try to hide their powers and get their revenge silently.

7. Mookhyang:The Origin

“Mookhyang:The Origin”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Author:Jeon Dongjo
  • Artist:REDZIN,Silva (Redice Studio)
  • Chapters:47
  • Status:Completed

A child named number 2044 is kidnapped and brought to a demonic sect to train the ways of mass assassination enduring the training by his sole instinct the child earns the title of Mookhyang.


This manhwa is darker than legend of the northern blade though at a glimpse it may not look similar but as you read you can feel the same vibes from the MC.

6. Nano Machine

“Nano Machine”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Author:Han-Joong-Wueol-Ya
  • Artist:Guem-Gang-Bul-Gae
  • Chapters:80+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Cheon Yeo Woon an orphan from a demonic cult one-day he receives an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future where he inserts a nano machine and then his life drastically changes as his path to become the best martial artist has become clear.


In both manhwas, the main plot is about martial arts, and both Mc’s are descendants of legendary martial artists if you looking for manhwa similar to legend of the northern blade the nano machine is a must read.

5. Record Of The War God

“Record Of The War God”
  • Genre:Action, Fantasy, Manhwa, Martial Arts, Shounen
  • Author:Sae Byeok Gum
  • Artist:Joo Ni Koong
  • Chapters:112+
  • Status:Ongoing

Mu So Wol is the War God who is awakened after 20 years. He defeats cults who trying to dominate the midlands. The War God who was forgotten begins once more.


Both the protagonists are forgotten and are quite overpowered by the bunch. The stories may differ but this manhwa is like legend of northern blade.

4. Poison Dragon:The Legend Of An Asura

“Poison Dragon:The Legend Of An Asura”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Author:일 연재
  • Artist:독점
  • Chapters:60+
  • Status:Ongoing

Jin Ja Gang is the sole survivor of medical sects utter annihilation his only mission is to kill every single person that is responsible for it.


Jin Ja Gang and Jin Mu Won are both survivors of sects and are on the hunt for revenge. If you looking for a Manhwa/Manhua like northern blade this is an absolute must-read.

3. The Undefeatable Swordsmen

“The Undefeatable Swordsmen”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Manhwa, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural, Webtoons
  • Author:FIST CAT,Sung Dae-Wung,적하
  • Artist:김찬영
  • Chapters:88+
  • Status:Ongoing

Wumoon Song is the son of a lowly innkeeper who dreams to become the best martial master despite his frail body. One day a guest leaves a mysterious painting behind as a gift and suddenly Womoon shows powers that he never had before.


The character development in this manhwa is quite similar to legend of the northern blade as both protagonists started as weak characters and slowly begin to overpower everyone.

2. Fist Demon Of Mount Hua

“Fist Demon Of Mount Hua”
  • Genre:Action, Martial Arts
  • Author:Jin Sungyu,Ugak
  • Artist:Jin Sungyu,Ugak
  • Chapters:51+
  • Status:Ongoing

Dan Ho is the sole survivor from his village, has a leg defect, and is always looked down upon by others nonetheless he refuses to stop training as he dreams to become the best martial artist.


Both the MCs are the sole survivors of their respective clans, aim to become the best and both are ruthless yet kind. If You looking are looking manhwa/manhua similar to legend of the northern blade then this manhwa is a must-read.

1. Memoir Of The God Of War

“Memoir Of The God Of War”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Historical, Manhwa, Martial Arts
  • Author:우각
  • Artist:우각
  • Chapters:65+
  • Status:Ongoing

Dan Sa Yu is a descendant of Goryeo. He overwhelms everyone on the battlefield for the sake of one true friend. The Legend Cheonpo Armed Force lives on and unfolds the history of God Of War.


Dan Sa Yu and Jin Mu Won both lost their families and are looking for revenge the basic plot of this manhwa is similar to legend of the northern blade and this manhwa/manhua is highly recommended as you feel the same vibes as you read.


The manhwa listed above will surely end your quest of searching for manhwa/manhua similar to legend of the northern blade.

Do you have more recommendations which are similar to legend of northern blade then do let us know in comment section below.

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