15 Manhwa/Manhua Like The Beginning After The End (Tbate) To Read

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The beginning after the end is one of the popular manhwas which everyone should read but you probably reading this because you finished the latest chapter and want to find manhwa/manhua similar to The beginning after the end then don’t you worry because the manhwa below will surely end your quest.

“The Beginning After The End”

This manhwa is written by Turtleme and art illustration By Fuyuki23.

The story follows King Grey who is unparalleled in strength with his martial arts. Now reincarnated into a world filled with mana the once-powerful king has turned into a baby Arthur with a family for whom he is willing to give his life up to protect them.

Manhwa Similar/Like The Beginning After The End (Tbate)

“Manhwa Similar to Tbate”

15. A Returner Magic Should Be Special

“A Returner Magic Should Be Special”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Comic, Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa
  • Author:Yu So Nan
  • Artist:Yu So Nan
  • Chapters:170+
  • Status:Ongoing

Desir at the peak of his death has been sent 13 years to past while fighting the shadow labyrinth for the past 10 years, as he lost in a battle with Armageddon where almost all humanity is erased.

Desir knowing the future War ahead of him uses the opportunity to train with friends as they better chance of winning when all the forces are combined.


This manhwa is quite like the beginning after the end (Tbate). The Mc is Op and training part with his friends will surely remind you of Arthur.

14. Crimson Karma

“Crimson Karma”
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Fantasy, isekai, Josei, Magic, Manhwa
  • Author:LemonFrog (Remongeguri)
  • Artist:Rada,Ssalsoop,Yasen
  • Chapters:108+
  • Status:Ongoing

The manhwa follows Kaisya Del Roman who is an assassin on the battlefield and is devoid of human emotions as she feels quite a burden by it in the blink of her death she had no one to cherish in her final moments but after opening her eyes she reincarnated into a different world.


Kaisya Del Roman is the female version of Arthur both are devoid of human emotions in past and they also get a second chance in life.

13. Lout Of Count’s Family

“Lout Of Count’s Family”
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama,Fantasy, Seinen
  • Author:PING, Yu Ryeo Han
  • Artist:PING, Yu Ryeo Han
  • Chapters:60+
  • Status:Ongoing

Kim Roksu doses the midway of the novel “Birth Of Hero” and now wakes up as Cale Palestine who is a minor villain in the novel and is about is beat up Choi Han who is a protagonist of the novel.


In this manhwa, the MC waking up in an entirely new body and having a pet dragon are characteristics similar to Tbate’s Mc.

12. Who Made Me A Princess

“Who Made Me A Princess”
  • Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Magic, Reincarnation, Romance, Shoujo
  • Author:Plutus
  • Artist:Spoon
  • Chapters:111+
  • Status:Ongoing

Athanasia was killed by her father who’s a cold-blooded emperor and now a women wake’s as the princess.


This is a fantasy reincarnation manhwa similar to tbate (The Beginning after the end) though the plot is different from tbate it will surely hook you with it’s artwork.

11. Tales Of Demons And Gods

“Tales Of Demons And Gods”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
  • Author:Mad Snail
  • Artist:Mad Snail
  • Chapters:351+
  • Status:Ongoing

Nie Li was one of the strongest demon spirit in the martial world and he lost his life in a battle with the sage emperor.

Now Nie Li is transported back in time to the age of 13 when he was the weakest but with his vast knowledge, he trained faster and has been preparing for the upcoming war.


TODAG or Tales of Demon and Gods is a popular manhua which a must-read for everyone and this manhua has reincarnation and knowledge of previous life which is similar to TBATE.

10. Elqueeness

  • Genre:Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life
  • Author:Lee-Hwan
  • Artist:Nya-Reu
  • Chapters:165+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Kang Ji Hoon a high school student who died in an accident in the underworld he finds out that he a Water Spirit King who was mistakenly born as human.


The story is a bit different but the reincarnation and the water spirit king part of this manhwa is like the beginning after end.

9. Anz

  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life
  • Author:Charcoal
  • Artist:Charcoal
  • Chapters:105+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story takes place in Winfred Academy, a magic school in the continent protected by four witches. As the world is trying to find the next witch of wind Anz is tangled in middle of it.


Both Mc’s are extremely Op and know about what’s going on. If you are in a quest to find manhwa like tbate then this manhwa is must read.

8. Outlaws

  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
  • Author:H20
  • Artist:H20
  • Chapters:15+
  • Status:Ongoing

Lee Sang-Hyun and Bae Ji Hyun are hiding their identity as law mages and live as normal high school students but soon get tangled upon the affairs of corruptors who plan deadly attacks against the world.


The plot is entirely different but Mc in this manhwa is like tbate as they both try to fight against the evil while hiding their true identity.

7. Rebirth:City Deity

“Rebirth:City Deity”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Manhua, Martial Arts, Reincarnation
  • Author:Jiu Yu
  • Artist:Yuan Man Dongman
  • Chapters:256+

Wuji is a deity, who used the fate-changing skill just to be reincarnated into the city and make up for the wrongs he did in his past life.


Wuji is like Arthur from the beginning after the end as both powerful, have regrets about their past life, and are now given a chance to correct their mistakes.

6. Volcanic Age

“Volcanic Age”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen
  • Author:Jeong Jun
  • Artist:Tomato
  • Chapters:189+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Joo Seo Choon who survives the age of war with a life full of regrets, while awaiting death he is mysteriously transported back to past.


The manhwa is set in the martial world though the plot may differ the basic essence remains which is similar to the beginning after the end.

5. I Am The Sorcerer King

“I Am The Sorcerer King”
  • Genre:Action, adventure, Comics, Fantasy, Manga, Manhua, Martial Arts
  • Author:Decaspell
  • Artist:Miro
  • Chapters:140+
  • Status:Ongoing

Sunghoon Lee is a weak man in a world filled with magic and monsters while trying to pay his mother’s medical bills he engaged in a dangerous job on the battlefield while awaiting his death his past life flashes before him and finds that he was the “Sorcerer King” in past.


The manhwa is set in mana world with monsters and dungeons similar to tbate. I am the sorcerer king is must read for the fans of the beginning after the end.

4. Tomb Raider King

“Tomb Raider King”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhwa, Reincarnation, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Author:Yoonz
  • Artist:3B2S
  • Chapters:267+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story is set in a world where mysterious tombs started appearing, Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer and in a tomb is betrayed by his employer while awaiting his death he closes his eyes only to find himself transported back in time when tombs haven’t appeared yet and Jooheon Suh uses his knowledge of future to become “Tomb Raider King”.


The plot of reincarnation and Mc in this manhwa are like tbate (The Beginning After The End), this manhwa is fast-paced, and readers can complete it within a few days.

3. Black Haze

“Black Haze”
  • Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhwa, School Life, Supernatural
  • Author:Yong Yong
  • Artist:Yong Yong
  • Chapters:228+
  • Status:Ongoing

This manhwa is set in a world filled with magicians and demons, Rood is the protagonist who is filled with many mysteries. He gets the latest mission to protect the son of a noble for which he is required to attend school despite his weak appearance but after activating his magical power he becomes one of the strongest mages known as “Black Magician”


Rood is like Arthur as they both are filled with mysteries and are stronger than the rest of the students in school. If you looking for manhwa similar to tbate then this is highly recommended.

2. Deor

  • Genre:Crime, Fantasy, Manhua, Mystery
  • Author:J.oori
  • Artist:J.oori
  • Chapters:49+
  • Status:Ongoing

This manhwa is about a prince named Deor who is an outcast in his land as he was born without magic which is a rare condition with deadly demons threatening his kingdom he must do everything to protect his kingdom that ridiculed him.


Deor in this manhwa is similar to the beginning after end Mc Arthur as they something to protect and artwork and storyline is interesting to hook you on for days.

1. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

“The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years”
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Demon, Fantasy, Magic, Manhwa
  • Author:Barnacle
  • Artist:Kim Deok-yong (REDICE STUDIO)
  • Chapters:99+
  • Status:Ongoing

Lucas Trowman was the greatest mage in history and after a fight with the demigod is required to spend eternity losing his mind but after 4000 years he is reincarnated back as Frei blake the weakest student at the academy where with vast knowledge tries to get more power in order to get his revenge against demigod.


This manhwa is highly recommended to read for fans who looking for manhwa/manhua similar to the beginning after the end as both mc’s Op and have exact characteristics filled with many mysteries.


The manhwa above are some of the best picks if you are on a hunt to find manhwa similar/Like to the beginning after the end (Tbate)

Which of the above Manhwa are you going to read next? Or Do you know more manhwa like tbate then do let us know in the comment section below.

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