10 Adult Manhwa Manhwa Like Sunggi Study Group (SStudy) To Read

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Missing the study group where all stuff happens? as adult manhwa, Sunggi Study Group (Sstudy) ended but you are craving for more to bring those feelings back then you are in the right place. Here are 10 adult manhwas similar/like Sunggi Study Group (Sstudy).

NOTE:The Manhwa Below Are Considered To Be Read-Only Of You Are 18+ As These Are Considered As Hentai Or Adult Related Content.

For those who haven’t read sunggi study manhwa below is a brief synopsis.

Sunggi Study Group (Sstudy)

“Sunggi Study Group”

This adult manhwa follows a Study group where students are preparing for the government exams as the study stress takes over sex will be the only way to stop it.

Manhwa Similar/Like Sunngi Study

Adult Manhwa Similar To Sungi’s Study Group (Sstudy)

10. Midnight Breeze

“Midnight Breeze”
  • Genre:Drama, Romance
  • Author:TB production
  • Artist:TB production
  • Chapters:40
  • Status:Completed

Kyu shik has found out that his wife is cheating with his friend this fact angers and pleasures him.

The plot of this story starts with being friends and then turning to sexual partners which is quite similar to Sunggi’s Study Group (Sstudy). This one of must read adult manhwa with amazing artwork and interesting plot.

9. Wife Training

“Wife Training”
  • Genre:Drama, Romance
  • Author:Mc-halo
  • Artist:Dalchun
  • Chapters:24
  • Status:Completed

Everyone on my website thinks that I am a sex god but I am a helpless virgin now this weirdo wants to train his wife.

The Mc in this manhwa is like Sung Gi from Sstudy though the story may differ you feel similar vibes as you read through and this manhwa is one of the best a must-read 18+ manhwa.

8. You Me Her

“You Me Her”
  • Genre:Drama, Romance
  • Author:Tarcho
  • Artist:Inyoung
  • Chapters:21
  • Status:Completed

My best friend has fallen in love with my wife and he isn’t giving her back to me.

The friends turned sex partners and the jealousy part is similar to adult webtoon Sunngi Study (Sstudy). If you loved reading Sstudy then you will surely love reading this manhwa hentai.

7. One Room Hero

“One Room Hero”
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, Harem, Mature, School Life
  • Author:YU Geuk-jo
  • Artist:YU Geuk-jo
  • Chapters:79
  • Status:Completed

Mingu has been single since birth and even attended an all-boys school. Now in college, he wants to date all the girls but a single lie during a drinking party has named him “Sex Beast” all around the campus.

The Mc has similar vibes to that of Sunngi study group Mc both have multiple sex partners and if are looking adult manhwa similar to Sstudy then this 18+ manhwa is a must read.

6. Our Exchange

“Our Exchange”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Romance
  • Author:Saiko
  • Artist:Dane
  • Chapters:Ongoing
  • Status:90

Emily and Nate are dating each other and their relationship isn’t going well as Nate doesn’t give Emily much time but everything changes as they joined a secret club.

The secret club in this manhwa is similar to the Study group in Sunngi Study Group and overall one of best adult manhwa to read.

5. Her 4 Inches

“Her 4 Inches”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Harem, Hentai, Manhwa Hentai, Romance
  • Author:Gyulpi
  • Artist:Hyungjakga
  • Chapters:100+
  • Status:Ongoing

Jin-woo works at his uncle shoe shop and gets tangled with beautiful women’s around his office.

Her 4 Inches has beautiful characters and an amazing plot and this porn manhwa is harem genre as it is like Sunngi Study Group.

4. Drug Candy

“Drug Candy”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Hentai, Manhwa Hentai, Romance
  • Author:Lee Hyun-min
  • Artist:Lee Hyun-minLee
  • Chapters:45
  • Status:Completed

Seunggu married life isn’t going anywhere and in his office finds an irresistible woman who awakens his desires again but he doesn’t wants cheat his wife.

The basic plot of Mc’s life where it isn’t going is like sunggi study group manhwa and for fans of Sstudy, as this man manhwa.

3. Secret Class

“Secret Class”
  • Genre:Comedy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Author:Gang-Cheol Wang
  • Artist:Minachan
  • Chapters:103+
  • Status:Ongoing

Dae Ho is an orphan who lives with his aunt and his sisters. Dae ho doesn’t have experience with girls and his aunty and sisters decide to give him a secret class.

Secret Class is a mature manhwa has beautiful women like Sunngi Study Group and also the artwork is an absolute Gem.

2. Stargram Goddess

“Stargram Goddess”
  • Genre:Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance
  • Author:Husky Team
  • Artist:Kim Young-Gam
  • Chapters:53+
  • Status:Ongoing

Malja is an erotic social media photographer whose identity is unknown to the whole world but his work of erotic photos which are viral through social media and Sex after the photoshoot is well known by everyone.

This one of top adult manhwa that involves sex with multiple women and also the Mc is quite similar to Sunngi Study Group Mc.

1. Excuse Me This My Room

“Excuse Me This My Room”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Artist:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Chapters:77+
  • Status:Ongoing

Kim Jin-Soo meanders with bully from high school as he owes a lot of money to her but now his bulky has started to use him as a human dildo for her pleasure.

This is a must-read adult webtoon for all audiences and this manhwa’s Mc is clueless like that of Sunngi study group.


This ends our favorite picks of adult manhwa similar/like to Sunggi Study Group.

Which adult manhwa are you going read first? and Do you know more adult manhwa similar to sunggi study group? (Sstudy) then do let us know in the comments below

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