10 Best Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class!

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Secret class is one of the best adult Manhwa without much disturbing content and with top artwork. If you are tired of waiting for a new chapter or want to find alternatives to secret class then you have come to the right place.

NOTE:The Manhwa Below Are Considered To Be Read-Only If You Are 18+ Age As These Are Considered As Manhwa Hentai Or Adult Related Content.

Before we begin our countdown for those who haven’t read secret class adult manhwa below is a brief synopsis.

Secret Class

“Secret Class”

The story follows Dae Ho who is an orphan who is adopted by his father’s friend at age of 13. Now Dae Hoo is a teenager who doesn’t know the scent of a woman and his aunt and his stepsisters try to give him a secret class.

This adult manhwa has a lot of NSFW stuff and the art style is unique which will turn you on.

If you want more adult manhwa similar to secret class then the below-listed manhwa will satisfy your desire.

Best Adult Manhwa Similar/Like To Secret Class

“Best Adult Manhwa Similar/Like Secret Class”

10. The Game:Fatal Doctor

“The Game:Fatal Doctor”
  • Genre:Mature,Raw
  • Author:monnmonn
  • Artist:monnmonn
  • Chapters:55+
  • Status:Ongoing

This adult manhwa follows the life of Jin Kyung who works in a hospital and she’s now being threatened using a video of her love affair and now she is required to play an adult game in real life.

This manhwa has some disturbing stuff but will surely remind you of secret class when you read through, Overall a Men’s Manhwa.

9. Young Boss

“Young Boss”
  • Genre:Adult,Mature,Romance
  • Author:Gonghagyong
  • Artist:Bokko
  • Chapters:96+
  • Status:Ongoing

Seung Ho is living with his girlfriend and is jobless and after countless tries, Seung Ho finally gets a job but he is shaken up by his new boss.

The artwork in this manhwa is exceptionally like Secret Class and with an interesting plotline and characters this one of the best 18+ Manhwa.

8. UP Gossip

“Up Gossip”
  • Genre:Adult,Drama
  • Author:GaEun Lee
  • Artist:GaEun Lee
  • Chapters:54
  • Status:Completed

Up Gossip, manhwa doesn’t have any particular storyline and comprises of different stories each time, and you just need to sit back and relax.

This adult webtoon has multiple women characters that are an absolute gem to watch if finding for manhwa similar to Adult Manhwa Secret Class then this must read.

7. Excuse Me This My Room

“Excuse Me This My Room”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Artist:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Chapters:77+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows Kim Jinsoo who ends up moving with his bully as he owns her a lot of money and now she needs the interest and that isn’t money.

Jin-Soo ending up with his bully and starting a sexual relationship is quite like secret class manhwa and this is one of best adult manhwa to read.

6. Sunggi’s Study (Sstudy)

“Sunggi Study Group (Sstudy)”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Artist:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Chapters:77+
  • Status:Ongoing

The story follows the students of the Study Group who are preparing for service exams and the students are quite friendly and help each other with studies and other stuff too.

The Mc having multiple sex partners will surely remind you of secret class and this is a must-read mature manhwa.

5. Stargram Goddess

“Stargram Goddess”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Artist:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Chapters:77+
  • Status:Ongoing

This adult manhwa follows Jin-Soo a college student who has a secret identity known as “Malja” an erotic photographer who is popular with social media celebs for his photos and the stuff that happens after that.

The Mc in this adult webtoon resembles that of secret class as both of them have multiple sex partners and Art style is quite like that of secret class.

4. The Body Game

“The Body Game”
  • Genre:Adult,Drama
  • Author:Daljakga
  • Artist:Daljakga
  • Chapters:64
  • Status:Completed

Jang Daechu is back after his military service and is currently in debt. One day he receives an invitation to “Body Game” with a prize pool of 30 million and the rules are simple to hide the number on your body and find three other participants with a number by having sex.

This mature manhwa has fantastic artwork and plotline at a glimpse may differ from secret class but as you scroll through chapters it will turn you on like secret class.

3. Teaching Practice

“Teaching Practice”
  • Genre:Comedy, Ecchi, Mature
  • Author:Ninetys Magazine
  • Artist:Background
  • Chapters:23+
  • Status:Ongoing

Seungtae met his old students at a club when he used to work at a girls school and after too many drinks he finds himself in a motel with one of his students.

The unusual relationship stuff and artworks in this manhwa are sure to turn you on like they did while reading Secret Class.

2. PC Goddess Room

“PC Goddess Room”
  • Genre:Adult,Drama,Romance
  • Author:Gang-cheol Wang
  • Artist:Minachan
  • Chapters:60
  • Status:Completed

A PC cafe in Seoul is known for celebrity like part-timer Yan Lui. One day Tae Hyun, a porn scriptwriter saved Yan Lui from crime and started to get close to each other.

The Mc in this adult manhwa is quite like that of Secret Class and the artwork is also similar nonetheless this is a must-read adult manhwa.

1. Stepmother Friends

“Stepmother Friends”
  • Genre:Adult,Romance,Drama
  • Author:Neck Pillow
  • Artist:Red-A
  • Chapters:75+
  • Status:Ongoing

Seo Woo’s mother died when he was young, now he lives with his father, and one day his father introduces him to young beautiful women who is now his stepmom.

Seo Woo while watching porn suddenly is shocked to see this stepmom and now becomes tangled with his stepmom and her friends as they are willing to do anything to keep this matter a secret.

The unusual relationship with his family as this adult manhwa plotline is quite similar to Secret Class and Stepmother’s Friends this is considered to be one of the top adult manhwa.

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