10 Mature Adult Manhwa Like Queen Bee To Read NOW!

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Loved reading adult manhwa queen bee? or looking for manhwa similar to queen then here are 10 adult manhwa similar/like queen bee that will satisfy your cravings.

NOTE:The Manhwa Below Are Considered To Be Read Only Of You Are 18+ As These Are Considered As Hentai Or Adult Related Content.

For those who haven’t read queen bee below is a brief synopsis.

Queen Bee

“Queen Bee”

Darla is the daughter of the proprietor and girlfriend of the school’s gang boss and her childhood friend is Jun Pyo who is also her tenant. Darla treats Jun Pyo as a peasant when everyone is around but when they are left alone uses him as she is pleased.

Adult Manhwa Similar/Like Queen Bee

“Adult Manhwa Similar/Like Queen Bee”

10. Find Me

“Find Me”
  • Genre:Drama, Mature
  • Author:Donmany
  • Artist:Donmany
  • Chapters:25+
  • Status:Ongoing

This story follows Jerome is trapped by his three sisters. He is innocent and has a very unique ability which he uses to take advantage of situation.

This adult manhwa is filled with scams, violence, and harassment with a great storyline this manhwa will surely give vibes like that of queen bee.

9. Anything For You

“Anything For You”
  • Genre:Drama, Mature, Smut
  • Author:M
  • Artist:Y
  • Chapters:28+
  • Status:Ongoing

This is the life story of Annie an adult social media influencer who has erotic pictures, audio, and videos of herself.

The plotline of this manhwa may differ but Annie and Darla are the exact replicas of each other as they have a secret crush on Mc.If you love Darla story then this manhwa will surely get you vibes like Queen Bee.

8. Tonight

  • Genre:Drama, Mature, Smut
  • Author:Ojakgyuo
  • Artist:Ojakgyuo
  • Chapters:52
  • Status:Completed

One day Kyle gets a text from his ex-girlfriend Mindy the one who has made him happy and truly loved but why did she message him all of sudden?

This adult manhwa is so mysterious and is filled with many plot twists which are similar to queen bee overall this is a must-read adult manhwa.

7. Taste Of Forbidden Fruit

“Taste Of Forbidden Fruit”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Harem, Seinen, Smut
  • Author:Serious
  • Artist:Serious
  • Chapters:53+
  • Status:Ongoing

A handsome young man has a unique taste when it comes to women and loves to take women that belong to others. This man is set on a journey full of lust.

Taste of the forbidden fruit manhwa has dark elements similar to the queen bee and art if this manhwa will surely grab your attention, one of the best mature manhwa to read.

6. Sunggi’s Study Group (Sstudy)

“Sunggi’s Study Group (Sstudy)”
  • Genre:Adult , Comedy , Ecchi , Mature
  • Author:Husky Guy
  • Artist:Edge Edge
  • Chapters:77
  • Status:Completed

Sung Gi is a new student at study group where students are preparing for government exams. Will Sung Hi able to resist the women when he is completely stressed out from studying?

The plot and the storyline may be too little in this adult webtoon compared to queen bee but the mc in Sunngi Study group is an exact replica of queen bee.

5. Hidden Feeling

“Hidden Feeling”
  • Genre:Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Author:TAIRA
  • Artist:TAIRA
  • Chapters:52+
  • Status:Ongoing

Min Ho and Na Ri are siblings who love each other and now they don’t have to hide their feelings anymore as they aren’t related by blood.

The story of this men manhwa where loving someone secretly and hiding it from the rest of the world is similar to Queen Bee Darla as she also tries to hide her true feelings.

4. Lust Awakening

“Lust Awakening”
  • Genre:Adult, Comedy, Drama, Harem, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Heung-Keon Kim
  • Artist:Dokuhaku
  • Chapters:103
  • Status:Completed

The is about a man who works as a nurse for an old lady but things get completely out of control when he gets closer to the old lady’s daughter.

This Mc in this manhwa hentai is quite similar to queen bee though the plot may differ as you scroll through the chapters you will feel similar vibes.

3. Excuse Me This Is My Room

“Excuse Me This My Room”
  • Genre:Adult, Drama, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen
  • Author:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Artist:Bangjuineun Jeondeyo
  • Chapters:80+
  • Status:Ongoing

Kim Jin Soo owns a lot of money to his bully and eventually ends up moving with her but his bully ends using him for him for pleasure.

The female lead in this porn manhwa is the same as Darla of queen bee as both are a bully to MC and they both hide their true feelings overall one of top adult manhwa to read.

2. Ms.Master (Aunt Secret)

  • Genre:Drama, Romance
  • Author:Guigong,Hanshui
  • Artist:Guigong,Hanshui
  • Chapters:65
  • Status:Completed

Jason becomes an orphan at an early age and lives with his young and beautiful aunt but soon things become complicated when starts getting close to his aunts.

The complicated storyline of this 18+ manhwa is like a queen bee with many characters and with good artwork.

1. You Are Not That Special

“You Are Not Special”
  • Genre:Drama, Mature
  • Author:Abyo4
  • Artist:Bolp
  • Chapters:50
  • Status:Completed

The story follows Joseph a high school is interested in a girl who is easily ignored by others.

The female lead in this adult manhwa is similar to Queen Bee Darla and both are a bully to the Mc overall this a must read adult manhwa for queen bee fans.


This ends our best picks of adult manhwa that are similar/like to Queen Bee.

Do you know more adult manhwa similar to queen bee that isn’t on the list? then do let us know in the comment section below

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